Consider the Unreasonable Possibilities of God

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I’m so tired of reading blogs of church folks who have nothing good to say about the church.  Conversations rarely exist in the blogosphere.  Polemic is the posting of choice on most sites.  It’s us-against-them and we’re-right-they’re-wrong.  And the other side is always unfaithful, unbiblical, and destined for hell (in the afterlife if not in this one).

 I, for one, rather like the church.  I like that I can be part of a community of people who is gathered around loving God and loving neighbors.  I also rather like Jesus — the one around whom we gather and who calls us to be the church.  I even like the people in the church.  Well, most of them.  The ones who are certain about everything annoy me.  But for the most part we’re a bunch of people who really are trying our best to faithfully follow Christ.  We’re not very good at it, to be sure.  But that’s part of the gig — it’s not about perfection, it’s about faithfulness.

So welcome to my cafe.   Join in the conversation.  Don’t worry about heresy (whatever that is or isn’t) — the best theologians have found themselves dancing on the edges in order to help us know God in ways we haven’t imagined before.  Imagination doesn’t play very well in the center of what we already know.  The prophets knew that there is more to God than what we already know, and so they call God’s people to faith-filled imagination — considering the unreasonable possibilities of God.

That is the purpose of this space.  Pour a cup of coffee.  Engage the conversation.  Think a new thought.  Imagine God.  Cast a net into the uncertain places.  Trust that God is faithful even when we’re not.

I’ll have a big mug of dark roast.  A little cream.

~ by Jeff P-D on August 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Consider the Unreasonable Possibilities of God”

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  2. Jeff- I love your honest approach to theological conversation and I have to admit that I am a frequent stalker of your words. Thank you for opening the conversation that happens between my mind and yours….even when we are not together.

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